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St Bernard’s Hospice Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

St Bernard’s Hospice Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary

19 April 2021 marked the 30th Birthday of St Bernard’s Hospice.  As they light their candles to celebrate this incredible milestone, it is hard to dispel the darkness that threatens their continued existence.

Most Not for Profit Organisations have been taking significant strain over the past 8 years. While the economy worsens, certain societal needs increase and NGOs find themselves in strange times where the demand for their work increases, but support for it, decreases.

Thanks to a few unshakeable supporters and their Charity Shop, St Bernard’s Hospice has stepped into 2021 despite the lack of fundraising events depleting their financial reserves.

Since their In Patient Unit closed in 2013, they have cared for 3114 patients alone through a total of 169 911 home visits. During the 2020 Covid pandemic period, Hospice cared for 414 unique patients, through 9 614 visits and supported 357 family members, through 3 057 visits.

Can you imagine Buffalo City without a Hospice?  Maybe these numbers simply look like statistics, but these numbers have names that represent lives. These are our people. They are your employee’s family members. Your colleague’s father. The taxi driver’s sister.

As medical expenses increase the need for Hospice’s service grows. They are the only Palliative Care organisation in Buffalo City that does not turn a patient who needs palliative care away due to their financial situation.

Hospice is a registered, medical practice that can claim from Medical Aids for the services that they offer. Their services are not free. Hospice works hard to ensure that they can subsidise their services to the community so that those who have no means (98% of their patient load) can access their right to quality of life and a pain-free terminal illness.

Hospice no longer receives Department of Health funds and needs help. Are you a corporate that can partner with them, so that they can assist you with your B-BBEEE score card, your social economic development spend, or corporate social investment through S18A certificates?

Dr Betty Bennett’s legacy is alive in 2021. Through continued hard work we want her legacy to still be here in another 30 years’ time, ensuring every person who needs palliative care, can access it.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.