May 29, 2021
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May 29, 2021

Looking for local expertise to help your business evolve?

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Consult the BKCOB Business Development Portfolio and find the right person!

The Employee Relations Forum (ERF) Committee’s role, amongst others is to contribute to overall health of people and culture in business in the Border-Kei area. The region has a wealth of local expertise and experience in this area, which often go untapped as businesses looking to develop and mature look outside the region for these skills.

Carey-Lyn Kurten (Mila) and Josh Hayman (Legitimate Leadership) put this initiative together to help members of the BKCOB find the right skills and services locally to help them with their development priorities.

How the portfolio can help you:

Finding the right expertise to contribute to your business development priorities is critical. This electronic booklet aims to showcase a broad range of practitioners and consultants available locally that you can draw on.

A successful business is constantly reviewing direction, aligning structures and process, purposefully designing culture, facilitating trust and improved performance of its’ people, while developing leadership capabilities.  A group of people willing and committed to pursuing the objectives of the organisation are always going to outperform a group of people less willing to do so.

Who is included in the portfolio:

  • Providers reside permanently in the Border-Kei region (Greater East London, King Williams Town & Queenstown)
  • The provider is a person, not a business. We are profiling the people who work in this space – The faces of people who support and enable the development and maturation of businesses in the region
  • They need NOT be members of BKCOB. The primary beneficiary of this booklet is the businesses in East London who have need of these services
  • Actively work / consult in one of the qualifying categories listed below
  1. Culture and Change Management
  2. OD Project Management/delivery
  3. Change Management
  4. Leadership & Management Development (Mentoring and Coaching)
  5. Team dynamics/effectiveness
  6. Strategic Planning
  7. Business Process & Organisational Structure Design (workflow, job level grading)
  8. HR Development Strategies (Talent and Succession Management Strategies; Retention Strategies; Assessment; Skills Development)
  9. Employee Engagement
  10. Performance Management Strategy

We hope you find this electronic collection of talented practitioners and consultants useful in matching the right skills to the business development initiatives you pursue in your organisation, ultimately building capable and willing people, and strengthening the kind of culture that contributes to your businesses’ success.

The BKCOB Business Development Portfolio can be accessed on the BKCOB WEBSITE  under Useful Links, or