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September 28, 2020
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September 28, 2020

Call 2 Action | Love Your City

By • Drayton Brown | C2A | Invest Buffalo City

The BKCOB’s Call-2-Action initiative is alive and well and ready to work with you towards achieving the vision of a cleaner city.
To recap, the Call-2-Action is a recycling and waste minimisation initiative that will change the very environment we live in – not an easy task when asking over 800 000 people to change their behaviour towards waste. We have had early success with nearly 1 million kg’s of recyclable waste diverted from landfill and reintroduced as a raw material for manufacturers. This reduces the need for virgin materials and the impact on the environment.
Much of the groundwork done for the project was halted due to the Buy Back Centre burning down in November 2019 as well as the COVID 19 pandemic.
Going forward, we have a new design -courtesy of TCN Architects- which will have a smaller footprint and be more efficient. The project will also be placing recycling receptacles along Oxford Street and the Esplanade. These receptacles will be serviced by a team on bicycles who will bring the recyclable waste to a nearby sorting station. Once sorted, the recycled material will be sold to industry to reduce their virgin material use as previously stated.
The four sites or precincts remain the same – Oxford Street, Southernwood, Quigney and Settlers Way. The sponsor for the construction new sites is Polyco who will make additional funding available for further sites if this pilot is successful.
The Call-2-Action is a business response to the challenge of living in a dirty city. East London sometimes fondly called Slummies, which is a derogatory term we need to fix. To change a city of nearly a million people takes some doing!
So, we need all businesses to participate in this initiative to change the area in which we live, and ensure that our clients, staff and families live in a clean and safe environment. So, whether it’s R1 or cans of oil, any assistance is welcome.

Please contact Drayton Brown on 043 743 8438 or [email protected] for info.