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September 28, 2020
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September 28, 2020

An exciting new chapter in the Umkhombe Security Services journey

Supplied By • Broubart Security / Umkhombe Security Services

Umkhombe security services was initiated in 2000 through our sister company, Broubart Security, with the intention of empowering and uplifting designated groups in South Africa that did not always have the same opportunities. It has proven to be a successful and exciting journey, growing from milestone to milestone over the years. Umkhombe has proudly serviced a myriad of clients from National ports to the IDZ, Eskom and retail centres throughout the Eastern Cape.
Since its inception our ethos has remained clear; to create a brand that always strives for service excellence for its clients. To achieve this, we put a great deal of effort into taking a hands-on approach to all aspects of our business processes and ensuring we hire and train the best-suited personnel. Our secret to success also lies within our outcome-based measuring and managing strategies and employee incentives, which encourage staff to give their best effort and continue to grow. Umkhombe’s solutions now go even further as we embrace the ‘digital revolution’ and proudly include our new security technology. This means greater security efficiency and reduced costs for our clients.
We recently restructured the company with the formation of the High Hopes Trust, an exciting chapter for Umkhombe. The new structure of the company allowed for the promotion of one of our loyal employees, Jessica Mgubo, to Director. Jessica began her journey in 2005 as a cleaning staff member and has worked her way up the ranks, fulfilling roles such as admin filing clerk, wage administrator and payroll supervisor before taking on her new role as Director of Umkhombe.
The High Hopes Trust is about empowering and uplifting our employees. We are local business, we have great infrastructure, we currently have over 600 employees in the security group and we want to use our resources and harness our passion to assist our staff in realising their true potential and give them a platform where they can further themselves in their field of studies and support their families.
Umkhombe is confident in the many opportunities that come with embracing change. As we evolve with advances in security technology, we understand the importance of training our employees and re-evaluating how we provide services to our clients. This is the way of the future and we feel that we can continue to be a great contributor to our city and communities in creating a safer environment for everyone.
The more we engage with new technologies and challenges, the more we grow and adapt. With 20 years’ experience, our brand is up to it and we are excited to embrace these changes and continue the empowering Umkhombe journey.