2020-03 Edition | Editors Note
September 28, 2020
BKCOB | Meet the Office Bearers – “Building a Responsive and Resilient Chamber.”
September 28, 2020

2020-03 Edition | Executive Insights

Edition 03 : Penny Whitfield
BKCOB Exco / BHL Committee Chair
Boston City Campus & Business College East London

This particular Hi-Lite issue’s theme being Green, Energy and Tourism has been a challenge, what with Tourism being so affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. I can only hope that as we all strive to make things happen in our particular industry, we do remember to treat ourselves to those special spots we have here in the Eastern Cape. I have just come back from a wonderful getaway at Kariega Game Reserve in the Kenton Area on the Kariega River. What a fabulous spot. We managed to see all the big 5 par the elusive Leopard. We just managed to brake in time not to knock over a Lioness strolling across the road with her 4 cubs. A baby Elephant came charging after us on another occasion. Very special. I am not a big Out of Africa person, but the food and service were just amazing. For a weekend away. At this time of the year where they offer reasonable packages to the locals, it is certainly worth a visit. Whether it’s enjoying lunch or supper at Olivewood or enjoying a steak at our local Cricketer Restaurant on the Schaefli Road, let’s support our Hospitality/Tourism Sector and get this Sector humming! Cheers for now!