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Marissa Nel & Associates | Lwandise receives the gift of mobility

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. – Napoleon Hill

Lwandise is delightful and playful 6-year-old boy from a rural community in Qumbu near Mthatha, who lost both his legs after he was amputated at the age of 3 due to congenital deformities.

Lwandise is very energetic and loves playing outdoors. He was supposed to start school in Grade R this year, however he did not due to not having prosthesis to assist with mobility. His family was concerned he would be teased at school which would affect his emotional wellbeing.

Lwandise was referred to Marissa Nel & Associates in February by an Occupational Therapist based in Mthatha. She heard about an inspirational story shared on Facebook about a local boy; Ubuko who received his first pair of prosthetic legs which changed the course of his life.

“I was fortunate to be nominated for the Regional Businesswoman of the Year awards presented by BWA in 2016. During the process I connected with a fellow finalist, Joy Scholl the Hospital Manager of Frere Hospital in East London. She asked me to meet Ubuko who was being treated at the hospital. Ubuko was using basic prosthetic limbs, but as a charismatic, sporty and inspirational 8-year-old boy he would greatly benefit from prosthetic legs.”

“What a special occasion it was when none other than South African Paralympic medalist Ernst van Dyk presented his first set of prosthetic legs during a special ceremony at the East London Health Resource Centre. Ubuko’s well documented journey resulted in him being offered a bursary to attend Selborne Primary, where he is excelling as a popular and active scholar. “ says Marissa Nel.

After doing the original assessment of the situation, Marissa Nel & Associates were desperate to assist Lwandise so that he would be able to attend school, have mobility to play with other children and grow his confidence and opportunities in life.

Marissa was so excited at the opportunity of manufacturing and fitting Lwandise’s new legs in May at their practise located in Hogsback. They spent a week operating under the newly implemented safety precaution procedures to ensure the safety of Lwandise and their employees. Ubuko was invited to spend the week with them to assist Lwandise to adapt to his new legs from a practical and motivational aspect.

There was not a dry eye when saying goodbye to Lwandise who was able to walk independently to the car to go home and start his new exciting journey in life.

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