Edition 2020-02 | Good News (Guardians of Hope grateful for local community support)
June 4, 2020
Executive Insights, 2020-02 Edition
June 4, 2020

Letter from Les, 2020-02 Edition

Dear Members and Readers, the Chamber and its Members / Leadership and Staff greet you and pray you are all, well!

What a contrast writing for this issue, even as recently as the former issue. In that issue my letter related to, Load shedding, Corona Virus and Connectivity. This issue refers to those issues and more!

LOAD SHEDDING – unsurprisingly, there has been none since 27th March, and it’s likely there won’t be any, hopefully not in the middle term. Good news on the lock-down is because of the reduced load, Eskom can get on and catch up on the maintenance backlog – AND replenish coal and fuel stockpiles. The bad news is lower demand translates to reduced income.Hopefully, stage 4 will bring a big change and increased consumption.

COVID – 19
Six weeks (at the time of writing) of lockdown has changed the way we live and do things, completely. From engaging to communicating. We have by necessity, changed our work and life patterns, and are learning how to be smart – from home! Six weeks ago, products such as Skype, Zoom, Team Viewer, Google Chat . . . and, and, were used in a limited extent, and were used in situations where a company wanted to save travel and minimise distance. Now, the principal purpose of chats and webinars and others is to keep going, to be productive, and to remain in control. Perhaps all Chamber can advocate is to be sure you take precautions and avoid Cyber Hacking, by using recognised cyber preventative actions and measures.

The writer also in the last issue, referred to more carriers and more flights would be needed to sustain the momentum of East London being one of few Terminals showing growth! Since then, the situation has worsened with a drastic downturn in travel, including Business, Tourism and Leisure to the extent that airlines, travel agents, car hire and many other related industry sectors, are voluntary going into ICU and even contemplating liquidation. Two of the three carriers serving Buffalo City region are on life support, with an uncertain future. Of small consolation is the realisation that the Global village shares the same boat.

In 2018, our magazine, The Business Hi-Lite changed publisher and boldly entered a self-publish venture, intending to increase readership and circulation, whilst maintaining a viable product. We not only reached our goal in the ensuing 12 months but did so, with advertisers support, even achieved a small margin of profit. Regrettably, Coral Print, the enterprise printing our 2 500 magazines, have been obliged to close their doors. This has nudged the magazine to assess and test the transition from hard copy to digital. We welcome our advertisers, members, readers and subscribers to the first issue of Hi-Lite Digital, and commit to a magazine equal or better than the former print copy.

We are learning each day, how to communicate and serve members better. Our commitment is to keep you informed and importantly advise what you need to know – from how to stay safe, to how Stage 4 should be approached. We also remain committed to serving you and are still available for necessary documents and legal export certificates. Every member of staff is gainfully employed and is available/accessible for your service. Please revert to the respective media available to you, including the web site and social media. We also plan to host our customary Business Hub @ the Hub with topical subject and information. Please call Sam long and discuss with her your ideas and suggestions.

Finally, elsewhere we feature our own CSI initiative, and partner with Ripples for Change, and ChildLine. If you seek a project – please consider this one.

Stay Safe – Stay HOME!

Warm regards
Executive Director