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Graylor | The importance of Protective Safety Gear in the workplace

As business owners, we all want our businesses to run like a well-oiled machine; from the equipment we use to our valued staff members.

Any disruption due to accident or injury not only, sadly, affects the employee, but also the overall productivity of the business, bringing it to a grinding halt in some cases.

Currently the spread of the COVID-19 virus has highlighted the importance of having OHS and PPE in place.

Did you know that the Department of Labour requires staff to be fully geared up in PPE (PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT) especially when they are working in environments where they may be adversely affected by hazardous materials or exposed to risk involved in the operations of the business?

As an example, employees that work in a factory may be required to wear protective hats, earmuffs, safety boots, goggles, masks and shields to name a few.

PPE is vital not only for workers but also for any contractors or visitors that may enter the site at any given time. Depending on the environment, this may be protective boots, hard hats and high visibility vests.

PPE should also be the correct size and fit to be most effective at protecting the user against any physical harm while at the workplace environment. All individuals should be made aware of and meet the PPE regulations before entering a potentially hazardous site.

We suggest conducting regular health and wellbeing screenings. Your employees form the functional backbone of your company. Ensuring the safety and comfort of the employee communicates a message that you genuinely care.

This, in turn, can boost company morale and job loyalty which ultimately also reduces staff turnover rates and the cost of having to re-hire.

Not only does the law protect the employees in the workplace, but it has also been put in place to protect the employer. By ensuring that the employer has practiced his due diligence by putting safety measures in place, it can safeguard the employer against a compensation claim for an accident at work, not to mention having your business portrayed in a negative light which could jeopardize your reputation.

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