Letter from Les, 2020-02 Edition
June 4, 2020
Editors Note, 2020-02 Edition
June 4, 2020

Executive Insights, 2020-02 Edition

Edition 02 : Penny Whitfield
BKCOB Exco / BHL Committee Chair
Boston City Campus & Business College East London

Education and instinct, when well applied will lead to business sustainability.
As COVID-19 brings us a new reality, we have to use the experience we have to create a new future. New topics such as work from home, homeschooling, online degrees, virtual graduations and real online shopping have taken over our lives. The greatest trending items in searches in America were swimming pools, showing the ‘stay homeness’ needs of people. And online education has grown over 13% internationally (CNN) and is rapidly climbing. In South Africa, it is the only current option. So where does that leave us as business managers and team leaders? I do believe that the coronavirus has accelerated things that were already growing rapidly. People are looking for new ways to stay occupied, productive, and composed. We at Boston have adapted to a new working and educational environment while maintaining policy and procedure. In this, we have shown the vital elements of the fourth industrial revolution: adaptability, creativity and critical thinking skills. While many sit back and rely on the mantra of ‘this too shall pass’, we believe rather that you are here, now, and you should be an active participant in creating your successful future.