Edition 2020-02 | Good News (NPOs partner to offer aid to rural communities)
June 4, 2020
Edition 2020-02 | Good News (Guardians of Hope grateful for local community support)
June 4, 2020

Edition 2020-02 | Good News (NAF: despite covid-19, the show will go on!)

For the finicky connoisseurs of one or all forms of art, and the laid-back free-spirits who simply love good vibes, the National Arts Festival (NAF) has provided a platform to experience art in all its forms in the small town of Makhanda for over 40 years.
Despite the current covid-19 crisis, fans of the 11-day long affair, which is now in 46th year, do not have to miss out on this year’s NAF as the organisers announced in March that they are going fully digital this year.
‘Going virtual will mean that the Festival can continue to support artists and the arts in 2020, by presenting work within a digital space. This way we can share some magic and hope with those who may still be confined to their homes. An opportunity to connect when we are being asked to distance ourselves from one another,’ said Monica Newton, the CEO of the National Arts Festival.
The festival has contributed enormously to the economy of Makhanda over the years, and to all its participating artists. Though the NAF will not be providing an e-commerce platform, they are hopeful that viewers will still be able to connect digitally with artists, and get contact details to purchase their favourite works.
“For Makhanda and the Eastern Cape, this is going to be a really hard year and we are fully aware of the enormous impact that COVID-19 will have on our economic stability. We know how much income our festivals contribute to the infrastructure and economy of Makhanda. We remain committed to the city and will continue to play our role as good corporate citizens,” said Newton.
The full programme of this year’s NAF will be announced mid-June and the festival will run from 25 June – 5 July 2020. Enquiries can be directed to [email protected] Visit the NAF website for info: www.nationalartsfestival.co.za.