Edition 2020-02 | Good News (NAF: despite covid-19, the show will go on!)
June 4, 2020
Letter from Les, 2020-02 Edition
June 4, 2020

Edition 2020-02 | Good News (Guardians of Hope grateful for local community support)

Guardians of Hope has been so fortunate to have had various local community members implement creative fundraising initiatives on their behalf while in lockdown, using their passions and networks to raise funds during this challenging time. A number of lockdown running challenges including a 24-hour treadmill challenge, a garden marathon and a 200km target for May challenge. Such initiatives most definitely reduce the strain on the organization, especially during a time when standard ongoing fundraising initiatives have been halted due to the lockdown.
“It is so humbling knowing there are so many giving people out there with a heart for our community and making a difference in whichever way they can. Thank you for giving us hope and inspiration to keep going, we truly believe alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much.” Said Elaine Brenkman – CEO.
The funds have been utilised for the everyday running costs, including the purchasing of formula, nappies, and hygiene products which are often donated by visitors who have not been able to pop in to love the babies during this time. Four caregivers have had to move into the home during lockdown, which increased expenses. As they have sacrificed time they would be spending with their families, to come and help out, they also need to be taken care of, and get their three meals a day. They truly are selfless heroes because there is no way Elaine could have cared for all the babies on her own.Elaine went on to say that they are so humbled by the support they have received from community members.
“We are so touched by the giving hearts of our community and could not thank them enough for caring about our precious babies during this time. We are well aware all NPO’s are struggling during this period so really appreciate the support given to Guardians of Hope and wish all other charities well during the lockdown phase” said Brenkman.

Anyone who would like to make donations are encouraged to do via EFT / Paypal / Back a Buddy.

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