Edition 2020-02 | Business Bytes (IDC Covid-19 Small Industrial Finance Distress Fund)
June 4, 2020
Edition 2020-02 | Good News (Recognising Chamber member for their Contribution to donations drive)
June 4, 2020

Edition 2020-02 | Business Bytes (Find Your Voice – embracing online)


As we move into uncertain and chaotic times, everything is amplified. Good leadership and poor leadership are no exception. This is the ideal time to be analysing our own leadership footprints. The central theme for the 2020 Leadership Programme is: Navigating well through uncertainty.

As leaders in the community, the members of the Rotary Club of Gately were determined to meet the challenge as we entered into an unprecedented nationwide lockdown, that saw us taking the course into a virtual space.

Our very first online contact session for the Rotary Find Your Voice Programme was held on the 8th of May 2020. Which is facilitated by Greg Webb – who has a passion for leadership development, mediation and facilitation of conflict resolution and team effectiveness processes.

The theme for our first session was self-management through emotional intelligence and our essential question called for the delegates to consider what role each of them individually plays in defining their own future. The 21 delegates participated in a full one – day ZOOM online session comprising learning activities. Carey Kurten was our guest facilitator and her expertise in self-awareness and emotional intelligence was a highlight of the session. The online experience was surprisingly fun, and we have had positive feedback from the delegates.
Our next session theme is Principle Driven Leadership scheduled for the first week of June.

Rotary aims to develop young leaders in business who know themselves, can build positive relationships, be active citizens of diverse communities and who are willing to put service above self in their lives. We have put together a programme that calls for the sharing of insight, knowledge and understanding of leadership. We use local professionals, coupled to real-world examples and supported by mentorship allowing these young leaders to develop themselves in both their community and workplace environments. The seven-month programme is designed to build leadership fluency in the areas of principle-driven leadership, resilience, accountability and ethical behaviour, leadership in a culturally diverse society, leadership in service of others, active citizenship, and finding your voice as a leader.