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Charteris & Barnes | My Chartered Accountancy Journey

By • Solize Coetzer | Chartered Accountant | Charteris & Barnes

I am genuinely passionate about the Chartered Accountancy qualification and profession, and I would hope this piece may go on to inspire others to tread (or continue on) the same path as I would say it was the best decision I ever made.

From a young age I was motivated and ambitious and knew I wanted to forge a successful career. Growing up I was good with numbers. My uncle was an accountant and I always found him so inspiring. After my first accounting test in high school I decided there and then that I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant. At the time, I did not know exactly what that entailed but I just knew that I wanted to have this prestigious designation.

After some research I realised that the qualification was not only offering a passport into conventional Accountancy roles, but it would also open doors to the wider business world. It was no coincidence then to learn that Chartered Accountants are at the helm of many of our most successful companies. The qualification is also geographically transportable and can be carried around the globe and enjoys international recognition.

I completed my Bachelors’ degree and Honours in Accounting at the University of the Free State. After graduating, I completed my first year of traineeship as an academic trainee at the University of the Free State and passed the first on my two board examinations.

Thereafter I completed my training contract at Charteris and Barnes East London and passed board my second board exam.
I will forever remember the afternoon of Friday 21 February 2014 like it was yesterday – getting the pass news was amazing. I had never worked so hard for anything before. The sheer joy (and relief) to get over that final hurdle was immense.

After completion of my articles I worked as audit manager and later an associate in our East London office and recently became a partner.

For those considering exploring the qualification I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It will add such value to your CV and give you credibility in the market. It is a testing path, but it must be to ensure that the brightest and best talent is produced. My advice is to work hard and persevere. The Chartered Accountancy qualification equips you to be an effective business leader and there is an encouragement for lifelong learning which ensures our members remain at the top of their game and are trained to be the highest calibre of professionals. In addition to that there is a real focus on ethics and integrity which is as important as the technical training. The fundamental foundation of Chartered Accountancy membership is built on values and this is promoted and intertwined in everything we do. In my view there will always be a need for Chartered Accountants – we are adaptive and will continue to have a place no matter what change are ahead.