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June 4, 2020
BKCOB | From our Vice-President
June 4, 2020

BKCOB | Welcomes SEDA funded Members

The Border Kei Chamber of Business hosted a Networking Breakfast in March to welcome SMMEs who joined the organisation (BKCOB) through sponsorship from SEDA.

SEDA (Small Enterprise Development Agency) gave a number of its own clients the opportunity to become members of the Chamber, in recognition of the need for SMMEs to be a part of their respective local business associations.

The networking event held for the SMMEs was aimed at creating relations and collaborative networks amongst SEDA businesses, with the aim of creating jobs and opportunities within BCM and beyond.

Drayton Brown, Project Manager for Invest Buffalo City, gave the new members a presentation on what it meant to be Chamber members, and what benefits they stood to get, including exposure to a large network of businesses of all sizes, through networking.

Motivational Business Speaker, author and attorney, Kim van Kets was present, sharing her own experiences, while motivating the SMMEs.

Through her presentation, van Kets aimed to show the importance of adapting and thriving within the ever-changing conditions in which we live and conduct business. Her presentation was based on the “Tri the Beloved Country” Expedition, for which she is well known. The expedition involved a self-powered 6 772 km circumnavigation of South Africa on foot, bike and kayak in 148 days back in 2011.

She emphasised why “aiming high, staying positive and being flexible are important in life, especially when you face situations that challenge your character and spirit”

Kim van Kets is a consultant at Sheldon Human Capital Solutions, self-employed as a legal consultant/ corporate trainer, freelance writer, published author and inspirational business speaker.

Speaking on her brief but significant encounter with the SMMEs at the networking, she said: “I have already identified the number of people I could engage with, thanks to this networking breakfast, and who I could benefit from doing business with, and hopefully vice versa as well. So, it was a very worthwhile experience for me. I think that there is huge pressure and opportunity for the pie to be grown by the SMMEs, that’s where the economy is going to grow.”

The new members went on to receive certificates of participation, and expressed great satisfaction with the event and the speaker, and had high hopes in moving forward with their membership.
New member, Andile Maqoma of Khayaware said: “I have always desired for my businesses to gain viability and the necessary exposure so that I can attract a better clientele. I am hoping that more events of this nature will occur for SEDA businesses.”