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March 29, 2020
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WELLNESS DURING ILLNESS? We are here for you

 • By: Melissa Knox | St Bernards Hospice


29 years into serving the Buffalo City Community, St Bernard’s Hospice, a Not for Profit Organisation, still provides holistic and compassionate, medically directed, home-based, nursing palliative care. Palliative care is a fundamental part of healthcare and a human right.
A good analogy to describe Palliative Care is if you could think of yourself or someone in need of palliative care, as a bridge.
When you are healthy, the bridge (you) can handle anything. Cars, Trucks, Trains, some potholes here and there, all the bumps of life. No problem. You are set.
But if you are facing a serious health issue, like kidney disease, lung disease, renal failure or cancer, the bridge starts to falter. Cracks start to appear, potholes deepen and pretty soon, it’s hard to withstand all that traffic. Traffic that includes, your own medical treatment, your family and friends. And that is where Palliative Care comes in.
Palliative is a specialised form of medical care specifically designed for people with serious illnesses. Its main goal is to improve your quality of life by providing relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress that are an inevitable by-product of both the disease and the medical intervention. It further focusses on the support team around you, helping them understand the journey, what to expect and how best to be of support, to you.
In short, Palliative Care provides support for your bridge, and when the bridge is in trouble, there is nothing better.
Palliative Care, just like construction, is a team effort. It takes Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers and other specialists all working together with your position to realise that extra layer. The layer that can make all the difference. We work closely with both private and public oncologists, and all who form part of your team, to ensure your life is affirmed regardless of the journey ahead. It’s a treatment method that makes sense at any stage of life and any stage of an illness. Because it’s never too late to lessen the burden.
So, next time someone you care about is facing a serious illness, remember this bridge analogy and remember to consider the enormous potential of St Bernard’s Hospice assisting with palliative care.
Please support our fundraising events during the year, this is an investment towards ensuring we are there to support you, and your loved ones, for another 25 years, and more.
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