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March 29, 2020
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Automotive | MITSUBISHI TRITON is out of the top drawer

By: Peter Martin | Vehicle Supplied by Ronnies Motors

When I was a kid, many years ago, we used to sing a song, and some of the words I recall are: “I’m sitting on top, top of the world,” sung as loudly as possible. That’s exactly how I felt when I climbed into a brand-new Triton for a test drive. And note, too, the article’s title. Yes, the driver and passenger survey all before them on the road. I liked the tilt and telescopic steering wheel adjustment system which adds to the comfort. Overall, comfort is second-nature for the Triton while leather seats add to the feeling of luxury. The cab is comparatively high up yet you are able to literally feel the safety aspects of the vehicle, which are brilliant. With seven airbags, safety of driver and passengers is paramount.  There are side-impact protection bars while younger members of the family are not ignored with child seat anchors being standard. For extra safety, there’s an anti-lock braking system and a brake assist system. I did like the rear-view camera system and there is plenty of leg room for those people with long legs.  I also liked the way the side mirrors fold inwards when the vehicle is parked. After having a side mirror smashed while my private car was parked a couple of months ago, this adds to an all-round good feeling about the Triton. Headlights are excellent with their own levelling device. Safety aspects kick in on wet and slippery roads as well as gravel surfaces. The four wheels stand tall and proud while the six-speed 2.4l turbo-diesel motor is all power with the gears shifting smoothly and noiselessly at all times. There are four models of the Triton to choose from and prices range from R619,995 to R699,995, depending on whether a 4×2 or a 4×4 is required. Each model has a 75-litre fuel tank.  Tests reveal fuel consumption at about 7.5l or 7.6l per 100km, meaning a full tank can take you to faraway places. All-in-all, there is no doubt that the Mitsubishi Triton is ready and able to hold its place as one of the best of its type on South African roads. Contact Sipho Makuliwe on 043 711 8163 to arrange a test drive. I promise you will not be disappointed.