Business Bytes, 2020-01 Edition
March 29, 2020
ON THE COVER | STANDARD BANK uses AI to connect local businesses with trade opportunities abroad
March 29, 2020

About the Local Yokel Project

HELLO FRIENDS! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this campaign, The Local YokEL Project is a privately funded initiative to educate and inspire local consumers to improve the socio-economic future of this region by making sure that more of the money that is earned here and spent here, is kept here!  In simple terms, let’s support local businesses who re-invest into our community rather than national and international organisations whose profits benefit  our country’s major centres…
When it comes to the theme of this month’s edition: HR, Finance and Wellness, there are numerous benefits to choosing a locally-owned.
While this is seldom a common train of thought, when we go a little deeper into this topic, it all becomes remarkably obvious.
– The financial aspect of supporting local HR companies is simple as ALL of the commission earned from a placement, stay here and contribute to the local economy.
– Local independent consultants have an accurate knowledge of the area that they operate in and understand the environment in which they’re working.
– These agencies and practices employ local people and procure local goods and services – as opposed to centralised sourcing from ‘a head office in a major centre.
– Local independent agencies and in turn their consultants, are an integral part of the community, investing and volunteering in local charitable and community organisations.
– They have a vested interest in the betterment of their own region for the benefit of their friends, families and colleagues.
So each time you consider any aspect of the HR or finance or wellness industry, please remember this information and make an educated choice.  Think about how the money that you pay over will benefit the region where you live, work and play….
For more info: / The Local Yokel Project on Facebook.
You can also contact Meg on:  072 473 5269 / [email protected]