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December 19, 2019
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December 19, 2019

Taking the Slow Lane, 2019-04 Edition

Why you should support locally owned coffee shops:
BY : Alan Hawkins | Chief Roaster at the East London Coffee CO.
I unashamedly suggest that coffee lovers should support one or more of our many wonderful and well managed locally owned coffee shops and restaurants. I furthermore urge any corporate office or showroom and any business who serves coffee to staff or clients, to support one of the three coffee roasteries located in and around East London.
In doing so, it is highly likely that the benefit of your custom will be reinvested into the local economy. Locally owned businesses (of all and any nature) use local plumbers, electricians, fresh food suppliers and butchers. Imagine the positive boost which would reverberate throughout the East London economy if everyone chose a local supplier first?
It simply amazes me when I come across, say, a motor dealership or a bank which buys their coffee from Cape Town or Johannesburg. Your customers are based right here! It surely makes good business sense to commit to the economic well-being of the area from which you derive your own success. Almost all coffee in South Africa originates from East Africa or central and south America. Nothing is grown in Cape Town or Johannesburg. The second you process your payment, the money leaves East London for good.
When it comes to coffee, and anything else for that matter, with the proviso that the price is equal or better and the quality is as good, my Christmas wish is that we all take a look at our supply chain and that we give locally owned business the first opportunity.
“I am appreciative of the impact small businesses have on our local economies.” – Melissa Bean, USA Politician.