Editors Note, 2019-04 Edition
December 19, 2019
Good News Stories, 2019-04 Edition
December 19, 2019

Letter from Les, 2019-04 Edition

Without even being aware, the year-end has again snuck upon us, and soon we will be writing 2020 into our calendars. Did we have any surprises this year – was 2019 a year to remember. For most, NOT.

It has been beset by disappointments and many many  challenges.
If you live in Komani, or Amahlati, the journey has been fraught and complicated – and a whole 12 months has flown by – with absolutely NOTHING to show for all the meetings, letters written and promises made. Doing business in the Eastern Cape, has not been memorable simply because civil  servants / people have not done their jobs and have not demonstrated accountability.
Every town in the Eastern Cape, every Local and District Municipality has failed to produce a scorecard – and citizens and business have been let down. NOT ONE has come through 2019 without leaving scars and battle wounds. Most of the challenges are the same – with just the level and magnitude that varies.

All have debt, with Eskom, who surprisingly still limps along despite being out of pocket with most LM’s of anything between tens of RMillions, to hundreds of RMillions – and are advancing payment via Equitable Share, not yet due and payable. Very close behind is the water crisis which for many is linked to the electricity breakdowns and disruptions – with hardly a single district municipality that is not begging poverty or simply just failing to provide adequate potable water. So, whilst our province continues to shout about the investment opportunities – and not looking after existing investors – its exactly like business in Komani (as an example) who seriously will not be sure if they will be in business in 2020.
What is needed is LEADERSHIP to stand up and be accountable. To set clear objectives and how this will be turned around. We cannot and must NOT have another year like 2019, where frankly, the ONLY light in the tunnel is a piece of metal called the William Webb Ellis trophy the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

So. BIG kudos to the Springboks – who despite great odds, endured and triumphed.  They won where few would have given our boys more than an outside chance of winning.  THAT’S THE KIND OF LEADERSHIP THE REST OF SOUTH AFRICA NEEDS so desperately!!!
So why can we not have and experience the will, determination and passion to succeed in every aspect of our lives – as we witnessed in the  month of the RWC?
Let’s stop passing the buck, blaming others and crying to be bailed out of a predicament we put our own selves into. This writer has for longer than can be recounted, argued that everyone in SA knows what our problems are . . . and what will solve those issues. So when can we stop the rot and start the recovery?
Who will say enough . . .

We cannot and must not start 2020 just as we left 2019 off! Its time, time to crouch, touch, engage.
Season’s Greetings to all Members, Readers, Colleagues Family and Friends.

Thank you for your support in this year that had so much potential,  but failed to deliver as hoped. I’m hoping that this time next year we can say, “It was a better year!”
May you all have a deserved and restful break – and to those that do not get that privilege, we thank you for your sacrifice.

Executive Director