Executive Insights, 2019-04 Edition
December 19, 2019
Letter from Les, 2019-04 Edition
December 19, 2019

Editors Note, 2019-04 Edition

Candi Ferreira | Editor

This edition really shows how fast the year has gone, it feels like just a couple of months ago that we took the magazine over in-house. And now this is our fifth completed edition! Time is flying! My daughter is starting school already next year at Hudson Park and I am so excited to watch her grow in the school I was a part of for 13 years. Yanga rejoined us in June and has been such an asset to the magazine and has contributed alot for this edition. Looking forward to seeing him grow and contribute more in future editions. The BKCOB Annual Golf Day (pg 36) was a highlight for me for this quarter – my first major event organised and with the partnership of Nedbank and valued members it was a huge success! 2019 has been a challenging year for many of us, but I am confident that the new year will be better. Happy Holidays Everyone! Until next time.

2020 smells like healing, transformation, dancing, laughing, spreading love, blessings and success