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Wild Coast Bookings | Online tourism, adventure and leisure

• By : Josh Steenekamp

Wild Coast Bookings is an online tourism, adventure and leisure product focussing on experiential travel, where we use our in-depth area knowledge and trade relationships to tailor-make a holiday adventure that is truly unique and incredibly special. We handle all booking requests personally, to ensure our clients get the experiences they are looking for.

Working with 250kms of malaria free coastline from East London in to the Wild Coast, we are partnering with only the best accommodation facilities the area has to offer, giving our guests a safe coastal self-drive holiday experience, with minimal travel time wasted between locations and maximum time to enjoy the pristine beaches, game farms, wild animal interactions, golf courses, amazing fishing, relaxing spa facilities, some of the best surf spots South Africa has to offer and a long list of adventure activities to suit all age groups.

If you consider yourself to be quite the spontaneous and intrepid traveller, then be sure to check out our “Surprize Me” option on, a new global travel trend and a first for South Africa.


An immersive and fully inclusive Glamping experience, this is for those of us out there who love to sleep in the great outdoors. The camps are focussed at leaving Zero Carbon footprint and being completely Eco Friendly, while still ensuring absolute comfort.

We all know how much fun it can be sleeping in a tent, but most of us also know how that tent just never wants to fit back in the bag after a relaxing weekend, which is enough to soil the enthusiasm of wrestling through that situation again and banished to the garage it goes… along with the other “white elephants” we swore we were going to use “all the time”. Well at Kaya Tented Camps we got you covered!

Under the Wild Coast Bookings umbrella, Kaya Tented Camps will be an unmatched experience for either the seasoned traveller looking for something different or the family looking for a unique way to reconnect, spend some quality time and to get off those intoxicating smartphones and tablets. The camps will be set up regularly throughout the year, with limited space to ensure an intimate experience, while showcasing some of the most beautiful campsites and locations along the Wild Coast.

Looking for a new way to spend that special celebration with close friends and family? Then chat to us about having your own private camping experience, which can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.


South Africa is home to many wonders… However, some of its simplest natural treasures are the ones that are often overlooked. As South Africans we often search outside of our shores for adventure or that much needed R&R, but the truth is, the Wild Coast has some of the most spectacularly diverse locations, landscapes and beaches on the planet and our aim is to provide curated, well-priced travel packages for the quick “get out of the city” weekend break, all the way up to multi-destination leisure and adventure experiences for the school holidays or seasonal periods.

So why use Wild Coast Bookings over the smorgasbord of booking sites spanning the internet?
Well quite simply, it’s the personal touch. We are inspired by where we live and we are passionate about the upliftment of our communities, the protection of our beaches and oceans, the preservation of our wildlife and the positive impact tourism has on the Wild Coast and our local economy.


Growing up along the Wild Coast as a holiday maker for the last 35 years and with over 20 years of Hospitality and Corporate Marketing experience, we truly understand how important a good holiday is for the soul and with our in-depth knowledge and love for where we live, we are able to provide a truly memorable bespoke holiday experience.

We look forward to sharing the spoils and splendours, the incredibly rich heritage and culture, amazingly passionate hoteliers and accommodation owners and the unique experiences that only the Wild Coast has to offer.

For reservations, enquiries or to view our current packages, head to our website at / stay in touch with us via social media, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Looking for a new way to spend that special celebration with close friends and family? Then chat to us about having your own private camping experience, which can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.