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September 4, 2019
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September 4, 2019

Tourism jobs grow despite sluggish economy

• By : Boston City Campus & Business College

Boston City Campus & Business College offers an enhanced Tourism learning experience to students wanting to enter a career within Travel and Tourism. The Higher Certificate in Tourism and Travel Management Practice is accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). Boston also carries institutional accreditation with the British Accreditation Council (BAC), making your choice to study at Boston both locally relevant and internationally recognisable.
Dr Linda‑Louise Geldenhuys, Academic & Quality Manager at Boston, says, “The tourism industry is continuously increasing and expanding, and as a result has contributed immensely to the national economy. Boston recognises the need for trained and qualified travel and tourism operators in various fields of the industry. As such, this qualification allows students to gather knowledge about the industry, as well as the necessary skills to apply this knowledge in the working environment successfully.”
With concerns over job losses in major industries, the tourism sector has shown some resilience in the face of a tough economic climate. In 2017, the sector had its most successful year of job creation in recent times.Stats SA published data in 2018 showing that one in every 22 working South Africans are employed in the tourism sector. Interestingly, tourism jobs are mostly concentrated in three industries, one of which is road transport. According to the data, road passenger transport is the single largest expenditure item for local tourists, taking up 27% of domestic tourism spend in 2017.
The United Nations World Tourism Organisation estimates that tourist arrivals in Africa are expected to reach 130 million by 2030. This is more than double the 50 million arrivals we are currently receiving. “We are a massive continent. We have the most amazing natural splendor. Our landscapes and bio-diversity are unmatched in the world, and we have world heritage sites that reveal the earth’s secrets and relate the story of humanity.” What we need however are trained people who will welcome tourists warmly, catering for their needs professionally, and sharing our culture in memorable ways.Dr Geldenhuys says that this is an opportune time for those that are interested in tourism and related fields of work such as hospitality, catering and hotel-keeping.
“It is clear that well trained, friendly people are the backbone of the tourism and hospitality industries,” she comments. “And considering the world projections that tourism in Africa is eventually going to double in size, it means that there will be job opportunities for those that have the necessary qualifications. Invest in training that gives you a good chance at getting such jobs.”
Seeing that tourism requires a variety of different skills, Geldenhuys recommends that prospective students speak to a career advisor.
Boston has various hospitality courses that open doors to careers in the tourism industry.
The Higher Certificate in Tourism is a unique qualification opening doors to careers in this exciting and developing industry with a staggering 1 in 22 individuals employed in the tourism sector. South Africa needs you to nurture and sustain its economic growth. Dr Hendrik Botha, Academic Head for Boston City Campus & Business Colleges, says, “The Higher Certificate in Tourism and Travel Management Practice offers a considered and thoughtful entry-level higher education qualification with a strong industry/vocational focus. The design of this qualification ensures that graduates can contribute to the transformation of the South African economy, while also being able to operate successfully in the global context.”

To find out more about the qualifications offered by Boston, or to schedule an appointment with a career advisor, call 011 551-9000,
email: [email protected] / or visit: www.boston.co.za.