September 4, 2019
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September 4, 2019

INVEST BUFFALO CITY, C-2-A and new Opportunities

• By: Drayton Brown | Project Manager

It is without doubt that the investment and business landscape is gloomy with poor economic growth and an increase in unemployment. This is particularly the case in Buffalo City and its surrounds as all sectors are constrained, except the largest sector – Automotive. Along with this sector, there a few more rays of sunshine.
The Call-2-Action initiative, established in 2016 is a partnership between local business and the municipality to clean up several East London precincts to promote business confidence, tourism and general well-being. This initiative will be re-energised in 2019 with the assistance of Polyco, the Polyolefin Responsibility Organisation. Polyco is the industry body formed by the polyolefin converters to promote the collection and recycling of post-consumer polyolefin packaging.
The precincts of Southernwood, Settlers Way, Quigney, Oxford Street as well as the Oriental Plaza Buy Back Centre will receive various new infrastructure to promote post-consumer recycling. Recyclers can drop off their recyclables and will receive compensation through Polyco’s PACKA-CHING system (packaching.co.za)
The Buffalo City Metro Development Agency will play a critical role by providing the labour for the precincts. A local entrepreneur, Deidre Nxumalo Freeman of DNF Waste and Environmental Services will service the sites on a regular basis to ensure it doesn’t become an illegal dump. A new development in the project is a “bicycle brigade”, four staff on a retro-fitted bicycle that will be servicing newly designed bins in Oxford Street, the Esplanade and St George’s Park in Southernwood. Be on the lookout for our launch date, so that you too, can start recycling.
Another key initiative of Invest Buffalo City, is the collaboration with Eastern Cape Universities and the commercialisation of their Intellectual Property (IP). There are over 35 unique opportunities in the medical, agriculture and technology fields. We are currently looking for entrepreneurs to drive these businesses.

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