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July 12, 2019
Editors Note, 2019-03 Edition
September 4, 2019

Executive Insights, 2019-03 Edition

Edition 03 : Dr Chris Ettmayr;
BKCOB Exco – 1st Vice President; Energy-Ict Committee Chair; Renewable Energy & ICT Manger ELIDZ

The Energy and ICT Sectors have been noting some new developments which will impact both on business within the Border-Kei region and broader. There is a renewed interest in own generation capabilities and a number of companies are currently investigating options or even proceeding with their own generation capacities. The city is currently involved in research to develop a few types of renewable energy projects as well as to create supportive measures to encourage private sector investment via a green tariff. A looming problem for certain companies is the Carbon Tax which has been in effect since 01 June 2019. Not many companies know that they are already in their third month of exposure to this tax and the article later in this publication may shed some light on the matter.
There has also been quite a bit of movement regarding the opportunities around plastic waste. This is currently a very emotive topic and video clips on social media will prove this point quite accurately. However, there is a need to correctly identify the root cause of plastic waste problems as well as sound analysis in weighing up the needs for plastic and alternative materials. The BKCOB is planning to host an awareness session around this topic and it will be sending invites out to interested parties in the near future.
The Energy and ICT Forum hosted a very informative session about the “Economics of Hosting an Internet Exchange”. This event was attended mostly by ICT practitioners in the city and it provided some very interesting insight into the benefits of having a local exchange. Currently all our internet and emails are sent via Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, even when you are sending a mail to a company across the road from you. Having a local internet exchange will save time (we are talking about milliseconds here) but more importantly it will save money and allow business to spend locally. The forum is seeking out further opportunities such as this and it will continue to highlight the business opportunities to be explored.