Executive Insights, 2019-03 Edition
September 4, 2019
Letter from Les, 2019-03 Edition
September 4, 2019

Editors Note, 2019-03 Edition

BY : Candi Ferreira, BKCOB Communications & Business Hi-Lite Editor

This edition we focus on all Green, Energy, ICT and Tourism industries. September is Tourism (and Heritage) month and our town of East London has so much to offer! July was a busy month for me, but as always the magazine remains my favourite thing to work on. We thank all of our contributors for making this edition possible. I cannot believe that we have been doing this for a whole year already. I am so proud of how the magazine is growing and supported by you, our members as well as the public. We even receive feedback from other Chambers of Business around S.A which is amazing! So once again, Thank You! Welcome back to Yanga, so happy to have you back on board and part of the team.
On a different note, I have something that is close to my heart, that I would like to share and call upon business / readers to please support the story of Beautiful Nanny Yona (more info on the Business Bytes page 9, I have allocated a block to sharing the info) – Yona was a nanny to 2 boys at my daughter’s school who was brutally murdered. Kerry has started a “Go Get Funding” account to raise funds / donations to help support Yona’s children. Even if it is a small donation, it will go a long way!