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July 12, 2019
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July 12, 2019

Spotlight | Sheldon Human Capital Solutions – all about people

Sheldon Human Capital Solutions was recently re-branded to reflect the additional products and services offered to our clients – covering a wide range of human capital solutions. Tough times are upon us, and Sheldon’s renowned and experienced team are available to offer their services and advice in surviving these challenges. We ensure a good understanding of your business and corporate culture prior to providing top candidates, who easily integrate into your organisation, or offering solutions that address your specific human resources needs.

Sheldon HCS offers Activios, a high-performance leadership system that, through current, relevant data and timeous decision-making, leads to an agile environment of performance, accountability, transparency and trust – informing, engaging and empowering employees. Activios is a proven methodology and enabling platform that creates and sustains a high-performancewinning culture.

Sheldon HCS also offers a comprehensive product range provided by exprobico – the experts for career, training and competence. The Germany-based and women-owned consultancy business succeeds in identifying hidden potential, in sounding out competencies, talents and skills as well as in developing customised career paths – across a wide range of industries and sectors.

exprobico clients benefit from more than 20 years of professional experience in consulting, coaching and determining competencies, backed by a global network of experts.
Within organisations, they specialise in matching individually required sets of competencies with suitable candidates, by conducting tailor-made competence checks. The results of the probico-checks are ideally complemented by a personality profile (R.O.L.E) check, which gives individuals the opportunity to understand their own personal, preferred behavioural styles.

To skilfully adapt to current and future challenges in a changing business world, it is crucial to identify, evaluate and develop individual competencies, as ultimately these competencies are and will always be, the key success factors for all businesses.

Together, Sheldon Human Capital Solutions, Activios & exprobico, all provide comprehensive business service solutions that no company should do without.