Editors Note, 2019-02 Edition
July 3, 2019
Good News Stories, 2019-02 Edition
July 10, 2019

Letter from Les, 2019-02 Edition

National Elections
Chamber has reserved comments on the elections, except to air views on how important they are, on the relevance of placing your cross, and how the results will impact the economy. Constantly we are reading and hearing from many sectors, the obsession with “radical economic transformation.” Strong words, but in the view of this writer, misplaced given that we hardly have an economy to transform and difficult to comprehend given that we are forecast for anything between 1 % to 1.5 % growth for 2019. Agreed we need transformation. But transformation is easier achieved when growth and stability is secured.
Congratulations to the African National Congress – on a vote that eliminates the need for the formation of coalitions and multiparty Government. A very strong expression for all who Iive in South Africa.
Chamber commits to supporting and cooperating with Government and wishes especially the ruling party good endeavours in deciding the leadership for the next 5 years, both Nationally and Provincially, including on how that impacts on Local Government.
We take licence particularly in congratulating Honourable Oscar Mabuyane in being elected Premier of the Eastern Cape. His vision for a stable and conducive economy resonates with Chamber and encourages investors to express confidence for the future. By the time this magazine reaches readers, we surely will know the new MEC for Treasury and Economic Development, Environment and Tourism.
Lastly on this issue, a word on the relevance and importance of stability in the administration of Government. As organised business, nothing is more disruptive than the repeated shuffling of positions and personnel, including vacant and unfilled, budgeted positions in the Civil Service. If we are to move forward, and grow an all-inclusive economy, the environment must be such that it encourages investors and simplifies processes, particularly addressing barriers and obstacles such as red tape.

In this issue, Chamber celebrates and recognises the achievement of women in business (WIB – a very short but powerful acronym!) Chambers own membership reflects the many leaders in business, from owner managed business to executives of large corporations and entities. Perhaps the single most prevalent attribute to all women is best described by the word, PASSION. It is hardly surprising that more and more boards and formations are calling for women to lead.
Unfortunately, we are not able to recognise everyone but often it is the unsung heroes and the champions that do more than just what is expected. – So to all women, we salute YOU.

Our Environment
Much has been written and said by many, on the fight against crime, and the struggle to maintain our public spaces. Crime sends citizens scrambling and what we inevitably do, is relinquish that which used to belong to our communities, eg Bonza Bay beach, Eastern Beach, etc. Recently a member suggested instead, let us claim that space back. Let the community not cower but rather be pro-active. So, how about organised activities and events such as Park-Run’s, Flea markets and, and, and? Perhaps this is a role for the rate Payers Associations? We all know that criminals do not like bright lights.

Warmest regards,
LES HOLBROOK, Executive Director