June 5, 2019
Editors Note, 2019-02 Edition
July 3, 2019

Executive Insights, 2019-02 Edition

BY: Lauren Brady : Exco | OPS Comm. Chair, Finance @ St Bernards Hospice & Penny Whitfield : Exco | OPS & Hi-Lite Comm, Boston City Campus & Business College

‘Women and Youth’ is always a powerful topic and emotionally charged for many. Wondering what your future holds? For women and girls, it takes a bit more strategising and planning to get on the right track to a successful future. Women are expected to work harder, put in more time and effort, in order to be as successful as men. While the playing fields are levelling to some extent, they are by no means equal. It is widely recognised that gender inequity is a serious impediment to poverty reduction, which is why it is vital to ensure that women have equal education and work opportunities. From early in school it is alluded to that girls are not as clever, not as strong and not as capable as boys, Penny says. After years of experience in education I am telling you that this is wrong, and worse, can affect success in women. It is important to anticipate that there may be some challenging times, when you may experience frustration because things aren’t moving as quickly as you would like.  See this time as a process.  Each action you take will lead you closer to your goal of finding your ideal job.  There may be some days which are relatively quiet.  Be gentle with yourself, knowing that ups and downs are a natural part of life as well as job searching.  The most important thing is to take action, keep the momentum going, having faith in yourself and the process that you will find the right job that will be mutually rewarding for you and your employer. So our message to women and youth – you are strong and you are awesome – you have got this!