Executive Insights, 2019-02 Edition
July 3, 2019
Letter from Les, 2019-02 Edition
July 3, 2019

Editors Note, 2019-02 Edition

BY : Candi Ferreira, BKCOB Communications & Business Hi-Lite Editor

I had a great time putting this edition of the magazine together, my goal was to find as many positive and uplifting stories and Women for contributions. And I think we have really come up with a bumper edition that you will enjoy. 2 April was Autism Awareness day, part of supporting Autism Acceptance in the workplace, we have taken on an Autistic intern, Matthew, who will be with us until the end of June. Please remember to please share your upcoming 67mins for Madiba day to feature in the upcoming edition. A sneak peek of the theme for the 3rd edition, which will run September-November featuring Green; Energy; ICT and Tourism – another awesome theme planned, and celebrating 1 year of bringing the magazine in-house. Thank you for all the support, enjoy reading through this edition and feel free to give any feedback!