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June 5, 2019
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June 5, 2019

TEST DRIVE | Mercedes-Benz A250 AMG

My first 15minutes with the Mercedes-Benz A250 AMG was actually spent with the Product Expert, as he shared how to connect the car to my android phone, the plethora of interior console colours available and an introduction to the very exciting, and soon to be over-used voice controls!
“Hey Mercedes” … “open the sunroof”, as I pulled out of the Ronnies Motors’ driveway in Sports Mode, was a great way to begin experiencing the Mercedes-Benz A250 AMG, along with the sporty exhaust notes and instantaneous access to all 165kw of power. Dab the accelerator and you are launched off! It’s to be noted that you cannot drive slowly in Sports mode! This was later followed by “Hey Mercedes, change the interior colour to blue” … to set the interior ambient lighting for cruising.
I must admit that spending the afternoon with the Mercedes-Benz A250 AMG was a sheer driving pleasure. I caught many an envious eye as I cruised along the Esplanade (in Eco mode) as the sun set over the Indian Ocean. One would think that the 19” low profile tires would give a hard ride, but the car is so comfortable, one comment I received was “it’s even more comfortable than our car!” (which is an SUV…)
The new Mercedes-Benz A250 AMG is as technologically advanced as they come, with a wide screen infotainment system direct from its bigger brother, the S-Class. Thus cramming their most advanced intuitive technology into their small hatch dramatically improving the value-for-money offering of the A-Class. There are Isofix points in the rear seats for those with small kids. The only real challenge with the car is leg and head room in the back seat for adults.

Who is this car built for? With all the technology built in ready for Millennials and Gen-Zers, you would assume that this is meant for a younger target audience. While that may ring true, I would argue that with the aspirational appeal in the three-star badge, the comfort, speed and reliability that comes with it, this small hatch is really a car for everyone who can afford it.

By: Drayton Brown – BKCOB / IBC | Vehicle available from Ronnies Motors EL