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June 5, 2019
June 5, 2019

CRAFT BEER | Emerald Vale Brewery

Beer has been around for over 7000 years, so it is safe to say that beer is a very well researched topic. Especially in modern times, with the explosion of craft beers, and thus more choice than ever before, our ever-increasing population places a huge demand on this resource.The research involved in the marketing of products is amazing and it is a fascinating study of human behaviour. The phrase “throat Share” or “share of throat” (coined by Coca-Cola) is the concept that no one is going to wait for their favourite drink! The first beer is the one that quenches the thirst – and is usually combined with a laugh and talk with friends. And just for a moment, allows you to feel the weight of life slip from your shoulders.

However, there is a fine science around what you choose for your next beer. The term “Session beer,” refers to a beer that has been produced to entice you to have more than one over an extended period of time. Hence the civilized will calmly clutch a small single green bottle and the unruly in the same time span will quaff 2 or 3 pints. This is where I finally understood why the Brit’s, with so much confidence and in front of everyone will order a half pint! The evolution of self-control, or at least a good attempt at it! I have seen and heard on many occasion that our beer is a little on the strong side. It is true that our beer sits at around 5.6% ABV this is significantly higher than a Castle at 4.5% or a Black Label at 5.5% ABV but less than a Castle Milk Stout at 6% ABV.
The optimum natural taste profile of a true beer can be determined by the Grain to Water Ratio, this also determines the amount of hops used. This great taste comes at a price and an effect.

It stands to reason that lower alcohol Session Beer has a lot of advantages for the brewery and the consumer.
1. It takes more to make you fat.
2. It takes more to give you that personality that you so
desperately need.
Craft beer has added a new dynamic to the industry, providing a gourmet of tastes to be enjoyed by beer lovers, made possible by the trend to support artisanal businesses. This does not mean that the lovers of beer will flock to your door; the discipline of business still applies.

The question is, what do I drink next?

Chris Heaton | Emerald Vale Brewery