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June 5, 2019
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June 5, 2019

CIAO BELLA CAFE & PIZZERIA brings Italian Cafe Culture to our doorstep

Without so much as a word, Ciao Bella quietly opened it’s doors a month ago on Old Transkei Road in Nahoon, and has brought authentic Italian Cafe Culture to East London in abundance.
The venue is beautiful, from it’s clean modern look from the outside to it’s warm welcoming interior. Open 6am – 5pm Mon – Wed, 6am – 8pm Thu & Fri and 7am – 1pm on Saturdays, this little gem has brought the Italian early morning coffee ritual to East London, with it’s delicious coffee and typically Italian ‘bread based’ breakfast menu.
Here you can learn how the pucker Italians start their days. With espresso’s (singles & doubles depending on just how much zooma you need), machiattos, latte’s and of course my favourite, the cappuccino… your coffee habit is well taken care of at this little cafe. And have you ever known Italian’s not to eat? ‘Santo cielo’… what a thought!
At Ciao Bella you can ciao down on buttery croissants, a bruschetta or a panini and celebrate the fact that breakfast here is a celebration of Italy and unlike anything else available here in East London. But it is not only breakfast that Ciao Bella provides. For lunch, you can sink your teeth into a delicious Toscanini Panini, celebrating all things Italian with parma ham, mozzarella cheese & extra virgin olive oil.
Or maybe you are in the mood for a pizza (aren’t we always?). I can highly recommend their pizza’s, made the way the locals like them in Roma, with thin bases, fresh ingredients and enough (but not too much) cheese & toppings. They offer the well known favourites with a nice added range of speciality pizzas that include everything from chilli, parma ham and pepperdews, to beef, artichokes, fiorilatte mozzarella and parmigiano shavings.
If it is pasta you feel like, they offer that too! If you like your sauce with a bit of zing, try their penne arrabiata, alternatively you can play it a little safer with the not so ‘angry’ pasta sauces such as pesto, napoletana, alfredo and bolognese.
Ciao Bella offers something unique in East London. It is unashamedly focused on the Italian experience from the decor, the menu, the Vespa in the corner to the laid back Italian village music playing gently in the background.
It is small, charming and currently only open 2 evenings in the week (Thursday & Friday)… but go early, because the kitchen closes at 8pm. In the evenings, bookings are essential because even with no launch the word has got out and locals are clamouring to visit this little corner of Rome.
The restaurant is currently unlicensed so if you want to celebrate your Italian experience with some cin cin, remember to take your own.

Buon Appetito East London!


• Sandy Loppnow | SHOWME EAST LONDON