Avoid Groundhog Day
April 30, 2019
Are you engaging and empowering your employees?
June 5, 2019

Workplace Capacity Management

Are you aware if all your employees on your payroll are being used effectively and are productive for the hours being paid? Employees often just do what they believe is their job is or what is listed on their job description even if it does not keep them busy for 8 hours.
It is up to business owners to teach employees how to use their time, skills and experience for a full 8 hours per day. And, we need to create working environments that encourage a good work ethic. It is ironic that new job entrants outspokenly want independence but require micro-management to ensure effective performance.
We’ve all heard leaders say they want new hires to have go-getter attitudes. But the reality is not everyone has the same work ethic values and it’s difficult to assess prior to employment.

Supportive environments, where employees feel they can approach leadership with issues, and that their thoughts and ideas are valuable – this will give them the courage to take initiative in other areas of the business.
Encourage employees to support another team member. Remind employees that it’s not all about coming up with the idea but also helping to move the idea forward is just as valuable.
Remind employees that tomorrow may never come. What you are capable of doing today should be done today.
Ensure employees are aware that they are expected to work for the full 8 hours they are being paid for.

Taking initiative means fighting procrastination. Showing, and taking, the initiative is not a one-day mindset. It’s an everyday process that needs continual inspiration. It’s just a matter of encouraging staff, opening communication and creative freedom. You may find that you’ve had a group of team players that can think outside the box and propose ideas you would never have thought of.
Encourage an environment where employees who go beyond the call of duty are recognised.

• Bonnie Currin | Director | CURRENT CONSULTING