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April 29, 2019
Avoid Groundhog Day
April 30, 2019

Building Resilience

One of the important components of good corporate governance is to have a comprehensive Risk Management System in place that enables you to plan for the effective management of things that could go wrong. It also serves to clarify accountability and responsibility.

If your Organisation does have a Risk Management System, have you ensured that the risk register incorporates your HR or People risks? Your HR practitioners will have unique knowledge, skills and experience to identify any people-related, HR compliance and HR operational factors that could have an adverse impact on operations.

Unfortunately space is limited, but some typical HR-related risks would include:

#Strikes – have you implemented a pro-active strike management procedure which identifies who will be responsible for what, have the relevant templates in place and trained key staff members on what their responsibilities will be?

#Absenteeism – have you considered the impact of absenteeism on your organisation and besides the direct cost, considered the impact it has on productivity and the morale of colleagues who have to carry the additional workload? What pro-active steps have you introduced to address this?

#Legislative Compliance – have you conducted a full audit of legislative compliance requirements and considered the impact of missing reporting deadlines? What measures have you put in place to ensure that these are not missed? While SA can be proud of its progressive labour laws, the fines for non-compliance can cripple an organisation.

Each organisation is different

Remember, each organisation is different and therefore the evaluation process should be approached with an open mind.

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