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Localization | The Local Yokel Project

LOCALIZATION – /ləʊk(ə)lʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/ – noun: localisation
The process of making something local in character or restricting it to a particular place.
“The tug-of-war between the forces of globalization and localization”

“The process of organizing a business or industry so that its main activities happen in local areas rather than nationally or internationally.”

“The practice of adjusting a product’s functional properties and characteristics to accommodate the language, cultural, political and legal differences of a foreign market or country.”

When you look up the definition of “LOCALIZATION”, there are a number of versions all telling a similar story. LOCAL is definitely a rather fashionable word today but let’s think about what it really means to us. For me, it means MY TOWN, MY PEOPLE, MY HOME. “Supporting Local” means supporting and strengthening those things- MY TOWN, MY PEOPLE and MY HOME. It’s not only about money and keeping more of what is earned here, re-invested here. It’s not about buying fruit and vegetable from farmers. It’s not about Tannie Sarie’s blatjang. It’s not about you. It’s not about me. All of the above count in the bigger picture but this campaign is about the rejuvenation of OUR region but supporting local businesses FIRST! It’s about a better socio-economic future for the city that we live, work and play in. The long term goal is for more re-investment here to create more jobs and obviously, it’s not rocket science but it is something that needs to be advocated for daily. As globalization is pushed in front of us, via digital and social media, we need to push back with pride and regain the ethos of LOCAL IS LEKKER! The mindset of “bigger and better from out of town”, needs to go! I can honestly say that there are few national and international goods or services that can’t be replaced by local alternatives. Sometimes cost is a factor, sometimes logistics plays a role, often service is lacking, but on the whole, the more we focus on LOCAL FIRST, the more we will be able to overcome these obstacles.

The focus of this edition is HR and Employment and while I am no expert to this field (in fact I’m not an expert in anything), we all know that we need to create more jobs here. We do that by supporting the businesses that have the opportunity to create work. We literally export jobs FROM here by supporting national and international online stores. There is no nice way to say STOP DOING IT so PLEASE STOP DOING IT. I know that many people disagree with me on this aspect of my campaigning but there is no doubt that every Rand that we spend on the national and international sites, sends our money straight out on a path of no return. Even when looking for employment or choosing an HR partner, opt for a locally owned organisation. The income that they generate then recycles here too. To the Human Resources partners and recruitment consultants, and in fact all locally owned businesses, PLEASE identify yourselves to us as LOCALLY OWNED. We need to know WHO you are.

So in wrapping up this theme of employment and recruitment, and training, we have phenomenal local companies right here, deserving of our support. We need them to prosper to continue providing employment for our community and reinvesting in our home, FOR ALL OF US and our future generations too. As a parent, how can I complain about the lack of opportunity for my son here, if I’ve not done SOMETHING to make it better? Supporting local first WILL make it better and that’s not even debatable. I apologise if you don’t agree with me but as I’ve said before, I’m immensely grateful for the many wonderful friends that I have made along the way but The Local YokeL project isn’t about making friends, it’s about making a difference.

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