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January 16, 2019
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January 16, 2019

Business Bytes | Aloe Office and Business Solutions – value added services launch

Aloe Office and Business Equipment hosted a highly successful event at the East London Golf Club on the 4th and 5th of October, the “Aloe Value Add Services Launch”. A number of dedicated suppliers from around the country made their way to East London to represent their brands and exhibit some exceptional technology. Prominent names such as Xerox, Epson, Pitney Bowes PBSA, Brother, and AZ Trading were just some of the trademarks on the show. The evening was directed by the Aloe Office head honcho, Mr Ian Schulein and his entire Aloe team. The formal function was followed the next day with a morning of hands-on demonstrations for both existing clients as well as potential new patrons from both the public and private sectors. Aloe Office and Business Equipment is a proudly local company, servicing the entire Eastern Cape region and their directors and staff are grateful for the opportunity to lead the way in the office technology sector by bringing their Value Add Services to the market.

“The main purpose of the Aloe Value Add launch was to showcase our value-add products, many of our customers and the public are under the impression that we only sell and service Xerox office printers, however, we do so much more and have done for years. The print technology industry is constantly changing, and we would be silly not to keep up. We have had exceptional feedback from the customers that attended the function and we as a team look forward to growing the Aloe brand from strength to strength.” – Paul Warner (Sales Manager) | T: 043 700 9800