Taking the Slow Lane | by Alan Hawkins
November 21, 2018
Editors Note, Edition 2018-04
December 3, 2018

Executive Insights – John Cupido (President)

As 2018 draws to a close we all begin to reflect and decide whether this has been a year of growth or a year of regret. This year BKCOB sadly saw the passing of our immediate past president, Gavin le Roux, who remained active in our ranks, one way or another, even during the worst of his illness. He will be missed. A leader is judged in how he/she leaves an organisation with continuity in mind. Gavin had helped me build a strong team of office-bearers, committee chairs and executive members. Along with the passion of our highly capable staff, we are well poised to not only remain but grow as your voice of business.

Every leader brings in their own management style and goals for their short two-year term. In my term, I hope to bring a streamlining of our work processes and new methods to hold government and public entities that affect our economy to account. We also hope to bring in better use of communication online and in print, which I’m sure you can already see in our online content and now an in-house magazine. 2019 brings hope for us all. Let’s hope that the best of 2018 is the worst of 2019.