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November 20, 2018
Historic Grand Prix Cars to storm the Cape | www.sahistoricgp.com
November 20, 2018

East London Grand Prix Circuit | Kreason Naidoo (Tshani Consulting)

The history of the circuit and legends that bear testament to the circuit, created the platform to ensure the legacy of the track is carried forward. ‘Border Motorsport’ is the driving force behind ensuring that this legacy lives on.

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality is home to many tourism assets which have the opportunity to place East London on the International stage. East London is also the gateway to the Wild Coast and Nelson Mandela’s birthplace. Situated in the ‘Adventure Province’ with adventure activities, reserves for wildlife and nature and hiking and biking trails the linkages and opportunities are just about endless.

The Grand Prix Circuit is pivotally situated on the ‘West Bank,’ between the East London Industrial Development Zone and the West Bank village and is also within close proximity to the East London airport and harbour.

Being an existing circuit utilized by Border Motorsport on a weekly basis, the opportunities to increase the ‘action’ and to create the circuit as a ‘Destination’, is the idea and vision.
The proposed development by the BCMDA at the Water World will compliment development proposals at the circuit to create the Destination.

Formula 1 may be high on the agenda for this circuit but, it is going to take a lot to get to that level of motor racing in South Africa as a whole. A dream that can materialize one day, but getting there is just as exciting.

To assist with readiness and preparations, the circuit will require lots of practice and the City should prepare well. So hosting a number of frequent national and some international smaller motor racing events and hosting related activities, will be all part of the strategy and journey.

With a climate like ours we offer the perfect alternative for summer testing before the annual race calendars start. We could ignite the Motorsport fire in Africa. The race teams fly over Africa throughout the year and the East London Grand Prix Circuit would be the perfect half way stop.

The development of the circuit, specifically has the opportunity to close the underdeveloped parcel of the West Bank and create a destination that people can utilize efficiently.

A lot of thought has gone into conceptualizing and planning the proposals for the track and the following elements have been considered for inclusion:

Upgraded track;
New pit lane and pits;
Media and medical centre
Safe crossings to users within and around the circuit;
Spectator Stands;
Catering and function venues

Historical cars;
Racing cars;
Creating a racing experience;

Ancillary Uses:
4×4 track;
Remote Control car area;
Enduro Cross Area;
Oval Circuit Racing;
Rally Cross

Business/Techno Park:
Automotive Research and Development;

Driver Training
The opportunities for the City, through the development of the race track are overwhelming. Racing events attract competitors with large support teams, supporters themselves travel to events and require accommodation, eating facilities and other entertainment facilities during non-racing time. The City will have to gear itself to accommodate the number of visitors expected and also keep them entertained.

Research has shown that circuits can be developed into thriving economic opportunities if developed with a mindset of a ‘Mixed Land Use Precinct.’ If this can be developed as an attraction for all users of the City, it financial viability and sustainability will also be beneficial to all.
The circuit itself is already attracting international motorsport event organizers and this will be the start to building the momentum.