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November 12, 2018
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November 20, 2018

Growing a greener environment and society with Pro-Gro

With increasing concerns about the environment, people are re-evaluating every aspect of their lives. The East London compost company, Pro-Gro was created three years ago, with the aim of getting solutions for organic waste.
As we audit and assess every aspect of our lives and its impact on the environment, it becomes imperative that we start focusing on green initiatives who are driving change within our community.
Border-Kei Chamber of Business met with Andrew Maclachlan for an interview about the company.

Could you please tell us more about your company and the whole motivation?
The initial motivation of our company is the amount of illegal dumping that takes place within our city. Dump sites are either too far, or too expensive which meant there was an opportunity to recycle organic waste and garden refuse. Composting is one of the available methods of reducing organic waste within our society and can either be done at home on a small scale, or sent to our waste facility for processing.

What has been the company’s methodology in the past years?
To develop a proactive and responsive approach to environmental sustainability, the company makes use of the Berkely method of composting- this is a hot composting process that produces a ready product in as little as 18 days.

How does the company stay ahead with the latest developments in the environment sector?
We are moving with the times, and recycling is certainly the way of the future. We are currently looking at new machinery and equipment to speed up efficiency and production at our facility. The Western Cape has been a driving force for change within the environmental and recycling sectors, and market reports often help us to determine trends that will eventually reach the Eastern Cape. We monitor changes from around the globe that affect our market as well as experiment with various additives to ensure the best possible final product.

There are four grades of compost which Pro-Gro provide:
Grade 1: 5mm screen- Lawn dressing, bed topping and hole filling
Grade 2: 25mm screen – Garden beds, newly established gardens
Grade 3: straight off the pile–for tiling into the lands
Grade 4: 50:50 compost and topsoil mix.

If communities are interested in recycling, Pro-Gro is happy to assist in handling organic waste and garden refuse.