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Out the Green Box is marking its branding in South Africa. Unlike other companies in the country, Out the Green Box was born from the Eya-Bantu Professional Services who have been involved in electrical designing and commissioning for Municipalities and Eskom.

The introduction of the company became instrumental in the commissioning of 14 of South Africa’s Independent Power Producer’s plants. This is a company of Electrical Engineers focusing on designing and installing properly sized and specified renewable solutions for domestic and commercial applications.

Although the trendy company is new to South Africa, it is already a well established contender in several markets with the usage of South African produced products, often to its own design and specifications. This ensures the sustainability of the local renewable energy industry as well as the sustainability of the environment. Local supply also ensures that turnaround times on turnkey installations as well as maintenance, and repairs are far shorter than the industry average.

Some of the products that are offered by the company are; Solar Geysers, Heat Pumps, Battery Back Ups, Inverters, Solar Electric Systems, Load Shed Proofing, Off Grid Solutions and Wind farms.

For clients who do not wish to have a geyser installed on their roof, the geyser can be installed in the ceiling, given that there is sufficient vertical space available so that the geyser is above the collector. Alternatively a small circulating pump can be installed. The entire installation takes about 4 hours to complete.

Out the Green Box has offices in: East London, Port Elizabeth, George and Cape Town. The company’s products demonstrate that it is able to take the risk and the complexity out of moving from conventional to renewable energy solutions.