Editors Note, 2018-03
August 24, 2018
Edition 03 Special Ads
August 30, 2018

Letter from Les, 2018-03


We can

Never to be still, the Chamber has recently taken the decision to publish this prestigious magazine from our own offices in The Hub.

We are NOT publishers, but we are always up for a challenge and firmly believe that given the commitment, enthusiasm, talent and skills in our office, we can.

Leading this decision is our unswerving faith in you, our members and readers. After all, this Chamber is the ONLY Chamber that runs its offices supplied by renewable energy, has a dedicated project to promote and grow Investment and, is the only association supported by some of the other business associations such as BWA, SAPOA and BKIA. We are cleaning up selected sites of our amazing metro. All, funded by business, under the Border-Kei Chamber of Business umbrella.

So why are we taking this huge challenge on? At the heart of our decision is that we want to bring more value and better opportunities to members. This is YOUR magazine, just as Chamber is YOUR Voice of Business. Going forward Chamber wants the Hi-Lite to be accessible for you, to communicate in a way that you need and want to, without the necessity of having your own publication. Hi-Lite has always been a member’s publication – however now we will construct and publish what you want us to and we will make many benefits accessible to you, particularly as we GROW. More about what, how, who and when is this issue

Please wish us success – we are certain however that this will come as your support and involvement grows.

We wish the editor, Candi Ferreira every good fortune in taking this BIG task on. The next two issues will determine our longer term direction.


The recent property rates assessment has escalated doing business in Buffalo City – and other locations, beyond any budgeting expectation. Chamber will be tackling this issue and engaging with the process – all in an effort to understand the thinking and the sense of how this can be seen as anything but a rope around the neck of residents in BCMM.

Our immediate advice is if not already done and not too late – OBJECT. Nothing will be done if the Municipality do not have your objection. Also do NOT stop paying your rates. Unfortunately the only correct advice is to pay what you are being billed. It is illegal to withhold payment of rates and taxes (in this context) if your appeal is upheld, the BCMM will credit your account.

Chamber will object and add our voice to the noise everyone must make. But we will also engage, including obtaining a legal opinion.


How important is it to recognise champions. We love competition and we love to celebrate the achievers.

Congratulations Alliance Francaise – winning the world cup is a massive achievement and there is no bigger tournament in the world. To Kevin Anderson, SA’s own tennis champion who reached the finals of Wimbledon. Such a pity but Federer was just a hill too steep to climb.

Closer to home is the Business Women’s Association, who recently celebrated their winners and finalists at their gala dinner. We congratulate particularly Chamber members who attained finalist and even winner in their respective Categories.

Of course we celebrate ALL women in business during Women’s month. I have written on this many times and acknowledge the contribution by women in what most still lament is “a man’s world!”

Lastly Chamber congratulates Mercedes Benz SA on the awarding of the next model C Class contract, to be manufactured here in East London.

The investment value exceeds my salary and at ten billion rand I don’t think I’m getting some change.

To all the winners, CONGRATULATIONS


Warmest regards


Les Holbrook